After almost two decades of research and development, testing and perfecting the most uniquely effective hydration product available anywhere, Aqua Innovations Ltd. Introduces:

Humanitarian Hydration

Does anything hydrate better than water? Believe it or not, the answer is YES. There is a product that, ounce for ounce, hydrates body cells 200% more effectively than water – while offering a multitude of other advantages as well. That product is the result of more than twenty years of research and development, testing and perfecting. That product…is Aqua-Gard!

  • Aqua-Gard prevents dehydration
  • Aqua-Gard is ready to use, no water necessary
  • Aqua-Gard is consistently sterile and resists microbiological contamination while in use. This is especially effective in biologically contaminated areas.
  • Aqua-Gard minimizes heat stress more effectively than water
  • Aqua-Gard shelf life is 60 months from the date of production
  • Aqua-Gard ingredients are all USDA/FDA approved and GRAS (generally regarded as safe) for human consumption
  • Aqua-Gard allows people to survive extended periods of time when used as directed
    • Aqua-Gard provides sustained effective hydration
    • Aqua-Gard is shelf-stable, no refrigeration required
    • Aqua-Gard hydrates at less than 50% the weight of water (delivered far more effectively to the metabolism)
    • Aqua-Gard is absorbed differently than water, hydrating over a longer period of time, making it far more effective than water
    • Aqua-Gard is produced in a USDA monitored facility
    • Aqua-Gard does not contain allergens
    • Aqua-Gard’s environmental footprint is significantly smaller than that of conventional hydration products


When access to clean, safe drinking water is interrupted – whether due to natural disaster, environmental accident, destruction of infrastructure, or any other factor – the availability of an effective, portable hydration alternative is paramount. And no other solution, including bottled water, offers the wealth of advantages of Aqua-Gard. It provides sustained, effective hydration at less than 50% of the weight of water. It’s absorbed by the body in a way that keeps cells hydrated for a longer period of time than water can. It’s sterile, resists microbial contamination, and is effective even in the most extreme environments. Around the world, this shelf-stable, ready-to-use hydrating gel can bring immediate relief to the victims of a tsunami, earthquake, flood or drought…to refugees fleeing from war-torn areas (or living in resettlement camps)…and to those whose water supply has been contaminated by hazardous chemicals. It’s also an ideal hydration option for firefighters, disaster relief personnel, embassy workers – in short, anyone faced with the potential of limited access to safe, clean water.

  • We firmly believe that in numerous arenas worldwide, Aqua-Gard will prove to be extremely valuable, providing a more effective physiological hydration solution than water.
  • Aqua-Gard can be used as a backup emergency hydration supply nationally and internationally at all embassy and other governmental buildings and installations.
  • Aqua-Gard will prove useful for victims in natural disasters such as droughts, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes.
  • Aqua-Gard will be instrumental for disaster planning and emergency relief.
  • Aqua-Gard will be vital in providing hydration to residents living in war-torn areas where infrastructure is destroyed, severely limiting access to clean water.
  • In the U.S. alone, there are thousands of environmental accidents each year, many of which lead to contaminated water supplies and a short or longer term interruption of clean safe-to-drink water supply. Aqua-Gard can effectively hydrate people until these problems are resolved.
  • Aqua-Gard is effective in desert conditions, maintaining hydration and minimizing heat stress more effectively
    than water.
  • Aqua-Gard will also prove useful for disaster relief personnel while working in disaster areas.
  • Aqua-Gard can be a valuable tool for firefighters that are exposed to extreme heat.
  • Aqua-Gard is an effective hydration solution anywhere there is an immediate need for emergency short or longer-term clean water supply.


Aqua-Gard gel packets are compact, sturdy and much lighter than water or other hydration options, so transporting the product in bulk is significantly less expensive. It’s easier to carry, and is less likely to be damaged when air-dropped. It is stable to temperatures of up to 150⁰F and can also be stored and maintained at refrigerated temperatures.

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  • Aqua-Gard gel packets are compact and much lighter than water or other hydration options, providing a significant cost savings with all forms of transportation.
  • Aqua-Gard is especially ideal for carrying in pockets and backpacks, eliminating the bulkiness of carrying water.
  • Aqua-Gard will not break down in high heat temperatures up to approximately 65.6℃ (150℉) and can also be maintained at refrigerated temperatures, but not frozen, allowing for virtually unlimited transportation, storage and warehousing options. The product is best stored and transported at
    7.2℃ (45℉) to 29.4℃ (85℉) .
  • Aqua-Gard packages will resist damage when air-dropped, unlike most other hydration options.
  • Aqua-Gard will be extremely valuable providing an individual hydration solution vs providing bulk containers that people compete for in desperate hydration situations and end up wasted.
  • Aqua Gard packets float when dropped in water.

Clinical Trial

In both clinical and non-clinical trials, Aqua-Gard received a palatability (product acceptance) score of 100%. Using the methodologies of Osmolality, Hemocrit (PCV), Mean Corpuscle Hemoglobin (MCH), Mean Platelet Volume (MPV) and Bioelectric Impedance Assessment (BIA), studies found NO adverse physical effects with subjects hydrating with Aqua-Gard versus those hydrating with water. Heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, liver function, cortisol (stress hormone) – all normal. Body weight was slightly less (due to Aqua-Gard’s ability to hydrate equally with less product weight)…and urine production was reduced.

  • In both clinical and non-clinical trials, Aqua-Gard palatability (product acceptance) is 100%.
  • In a crossover study utilizing ten male subjects ages 18-24 comparing Aqua-Gard by weight directly to water by weight, Aqua-Gard proved sustained hydration at significantly less than 50% of the weight of water.
  • Methodology used to prove hydration included Osmolality, Hematocrit (PCV), Mean Corpuscle Hemoglobin(MCH), Mean Platelet Volume (MPV) and Bioelectric Impedance Assessment (BIA).
  • Product Safety – liver function by AST and ALT enzymes (no difference). These enzymes in both the water group and Aqua-Gard group were stable across the day. Cortisol (stress hormone) showed no significant difference in the water group vs. the Aqua-Gard group across the day.
  • Physical Effects – there are no adverse physical effects associated with Aqua-Gard. Heart rate normal, blood pressure normal, no digestive discomfort or abnormalities. Body weight – both groups gained weight. As expected, the water group gained more weight. By product design, Aqua-Gard urine volume was less and more concentrated.

Suggested Use

For maximum effectiveness, adults should consume ONE Aqua-Gard gel packet every 3.5 to 4 hours, although this amount may vary moderately depending on the level of activity, the ambient temperature and the user’s weight.

  • Adults: 1 packet every 3½ to 4 hours.
  • Children typically require 1/2 the amount of gel than adults. Firm gel, not recommended for children under two years of age.
  • Consumption may vary moderately with weight, activity and/or ambient temperature. If thirst occurs prior to the stated time frame, consume additional gel.

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